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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the costs?

A normal bike costs €10,00 and a tandem costs €25,00. The costs for children is €8,00 per bike. See our prices.

What happens if I return my bike after 7 PM?

You should return you bike before 7 PM. Should this for whatever reason not be possible, please contact us by phone on +316 12089858 to inform us. When you don't contact us before closing time, we have to charge €10,00 extra per bike.

Can I pre-book a bike?

There are almost always enough bikes for everyone. Just a few days a year, it is possible to run out of stock. In that case, you can wait on bikes to return. This usually takes no longer than one hour. If you want to be assured of cycling, we advise you to arrive before 12 AM. Groups from 10 people can book bikes, only if they pick up the bikes before 12 AM.


Do you rent out bikes for children?

Yes, we also have children's bikes. We have children's bicycles from 20 '' until 26 ''.It is also possible to rent children seats and kid cars. So there are many ways to bring your kids!

Can you go with 2 people on 1 bike?

That is only possible on bikes which are made for 2 people, like a tandem. It is not allowed to share a regular bike with two people, unless this concerns a child seat.

Damage & Theft 

What happens if something goes wrong with the bike along the way?

Our bikes are well maintained and the risk of breakdown is therefore very low. Should the unexpected happen on your way, please give us a call and we will make sure we will come and replace the bike as soon as possible. Our phone number is placed on every bike and also on the receipt we give you.

What happens if the bike gets stolen?

When you lock your bike, the chances that the bike gets stolen is very small. Whenever this still might happen, you can show us the key of the bike, showing that you’ve locked the bike. If you press charges and you are well insured, you don’t have to pay for the bike. When you are not insured and you can’t show us that the bike was locked, you’ll have to pay the value of the bike.

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