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Rent-a-Bike van Dam
Keukenhof is currently closed

Rent-a-Bike Keukenhof is currently closed. We look forward to welcoming you again in 2021 from Saturday March 20 to Sunday May 9.

Do you want to rent a bike now?
Book your bike at our main location in Noordwijkerhout



You can easily make a reservation for our location at Keukenhof. But how does it work? We've made a short collection with the most asked question about pre-bookings who can be to your use. ...

Flower parade

The flower parade weekend always is a special weekend during the season. It is the busiest weekend, especially Saturday of the season and it is a bit different than other days.  ...

Tulips in Holland

Flower fields

We get many questions about the flowering period of the flower fields. And the answer is not that simple. First of all it depends on what you want to see: the dutch flower fields consist roughly out of three flowers: Hyacints, Daffoldils and Tulips. ...

Good to know

When visiting the flower field area there a a few things good to know. When visiting the flower fields please note the fields are privately owned by flower bulb growers en they grow bulbs for their living so please be respectful with their crop. "Please do not enter the flower fields."  ...