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Romance in the air!

9 April 2018

Field of hyacinths
Flower fields around Keukenhof
Tulip field nearby Keukenhof

Roses are red, hyacinths can be blue  
All flowers are beautiful, and so are you

As you may have noticed, romance is in the air. Upcoming weekend, Keukenhof will be all about the rose! As some might already know, Keukenhof's theme this year is 'Romantance'. And which flower screams romance more than the rose? It is the true symbol of love. When you visit Keukenhof there is no escape from the romance.
Go on one knee in the romantic tulip garden, go with your loved one into the 'Kissing Gateway' or make secret dates in the Cupid Garden.

At Rent a Bike van Dam, the tandem is the most romantic way of transportation. That is why we recommend that you take a trip together this weekend, on the tandem.
Climb on the back seat and be guided along the most beautiful fields. This position on the tandem requires some trust, but you can work on that together while cycling.
An important task of the person on the back of the tandem is often reading the map. The person on the back seat can often take some pictures along the way, but you can also do that romantically  together. It could also be very nice to secretly get the feet of the pedals. That is an extra way to enjoy the ride.

And then we have the one who is on the first seat of the tandem. This person carries a great responsibility. This is the captain of the tandem. You steer, so you determine the route. Make sure you handle this responsibility well.

The tandem is obviously not only meant for lovers. It is a party for everyone!

Flower field update
After a long wait, this moment has finally arrived! You can smell the wonderful scent from a great distance: the hyacinths! They can be seen in beautiful different colors along all cycle routes. And while most tulips have to wait a little longer, the first red tulip field has already been spotted! Spring has begun!

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