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Time to go Orange!

24 April 2018

Tulips in bloom

Time to go Orange!
This week we celebrate the typical Dutch festival King's Day.
This is a national holiday in The Netherlands, in honor of the birthday of King Willem Alexander.
This year we celebrate the 51st birthday of our head of state Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand, King of the Netherlands, Prince of Orange-Nassau, Jonkheer van Amsberg.

Since 2014 this is celebrated on April 27. Before 2014, this was celebrated on April 30, the birthday his grandmother, Juliana of the Netherlands. Luckily it gets less and less every year, but we still see fully dressed tourists at Amsterdam Central Station on April 30 because their travel booklets it still says that this is celebrated this day.
Fortunately, there is still plenty to do in the capital city so that they can still enjoy themselves.
On King's Day you will find party’s and street fairs throughout the whole country where you have the opportunity to play traditional Dutch games, buy another person's junk, dance and drink beer. Or Orange Bitter.
That’s what we like to do on days like this, everything has to be in orange! From orange nail polish to orange clothes. And from orange drinks, to orange pastries! Orange up!

Everything at Rent a Bike van Dam has always been all orange. Or actually oerange, how that is popularly called. You can clearly see this on most bikes, the coats of the staff, the logo and the hot crisps in the office and the cars of Rent a Bike van Dam.

The Dutch national team also plays in the orange during the championships, but since we are not involved in the World Cup this summer, you have to go all the way on the orange part this week! So you know what to do this week: rent an orange tandem and jump together on the bike to cycle past the orange tulip fields, fully dressed in orange!

Flower fields update
After a beautiful weekend, a lot has happened with the flowers. The daffodils and hyacinths begin to slowly disappear. But the tulips are all blooming beautifully now. Come and discover it for yourself and cycle through a beautiful sea of tulips!

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