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Cutting the tulip fields

8 May 2018

Many tourists look amazed and shocked while they watch how the bulb grower enters the country to cut off the tulips. A few people will even blow away a tear. You would almost start to think that the bulb grower does not like tulips. On the contrary. The grower likes his or her crop so much, that it is taken care of really good. The tulip grower does not grow his bulbs for the flower, but for the bulb. The flower is a wonderful extra for the grower. And everyone else.
By cutting the flower on time, all energy goes to the bulb, which allows the bulb to grow considerably. A larger bulb then produces a firm bulb for in the garden.
It is a fact that it is wonderful to see the beautiful sea of flowers in the bulb-growing region every year. But all to beauty comes an end. Although in this case it is almost certain that all that beauty will start to grow and shine again next year.
Now that the season has come to an end, we fortunately have countless beautiful photos that we can look at for a whole year until the flowers reappear on the fields. As soon as the first flowers show their colors on the fields again, we'll let you know!

Flower field update 
The last strips of tulips are headed. The season has come to an end. 

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