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From bulb to flower

27 March 2018

Daffodils in Noordwijkerhout

Fields of daffodils in Noordwijkerhout. On route three. 

“To whom do the flower fields belong? Is it owned by the government or by Keukenhof? Why do they cut those beautiful tulips in the flower season?! And what happens to the flowers after picking them?"

These questions we get very often. The flower fields are largely not owned by Keukenhof, nor by the government. But who does own them? Actually, they are also no flower fields but bulb fields and those fields are owned by private flower bulb growers. Growing flower bulbs is the source of income for the farmer.

This week we will give you a brief explanation of the process of the spring flowering plants: the crocus, daffodil, hyacinth and the tulip. From bulb to flower.

October - November
The bulbs are being planted. This used to be done by hand, but nowadays this is largely done mechanically.

December - February
The bulbs are covered with straw so that the warmth will stay in the ground. During this period the bulbs get the time to root.

March - May
Flowering season: a festive sight every year and the reason for millions of tourists from all over the world to visit the bulb region. Whenever they see the farmers cut the heads of the tulips in May, this is often shocking and incomprehensible to the tourists. The flower bulb grower is not concerned with the flowers, but with the bulbs under the ground. By cutting the flower at the right time, all energy goes into the bulb so that it can grow even bigger. A large bulb ensures that you have a strong and beautiful flower in the garden the following spring!

July - August
The bulbs are removed from the land and sorted and processed in the barn. The larger bulbs are packed and sent to wholesalers and garden centers all over the world. The smaller bulbs are prepared and they will go back into the ground in October / November. This is how the whole process starts again.

Would you like to know more about this special process? Book a tour with us and learn everything about flower bulbs, why the flower bulb region is so unique and about the history of the tulip.

Flower fields update 
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Spring has finally made her entry. This is slowly becoming more visible outside on the fields too. The sun often remains hidden behind the gray clouds, but sometimes the rays of sun know how to break through. And while most colors are still keeping us wait, the yellow fields of daffodils are being spotted more and more along our cycle routes!

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