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Cycling Routes

Our recommended cycling routes

Route 5 km (Blue)

Route Blue shows you the most beautiful flower fields within 5 kilometers around Keukenhof. This route is perfect if you want to see beautifull flower fields in a shorter time period.

Route 10 km (Purple)

Route Purple is an alternative route if you would like to see the other side of the flower bulb region. Cycle along the flower fields on the southern side of Keukenhof and through the pittoresque village center of Lisse.

Route 15 km (Green)

Route Green leads you along the most beautiful flower fields within 15 kilometers around Keukenhof. Cycle over typical Dutch dykes through the polders surrounded by flower fields.

Route 25 km (Red)

Route Red is the most extensive route that leads you not only along the flower fields, but also brings you tot the lake, the North sea and the dunes. This route gives you the ultimate flower bulb region experience. You might even spot one of the many deers in the dunes.

Cycling routes 32km, 39km and 42 km

When 25 kilometers is not enough and you want to enjoy more of the beautiful colors and great smell of flowers that the region has to offer, try these great cycling routes of 32km, 39km, or 42km.

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