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News about flowers and bikes

Last week, last chances!

13 may 2018

Last week, last chances! The last few days to visit Keukenhof, and cycle around the Bulb Region! Are you busy, or short on time? No problem! ...

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Be on time for the perfect flowers!

7 may 2018

Not been to Keukenhof yet, but still planning to? Go as quick as possible! Keukenhof is opened for two more weeks and the flowers are in their most beautiful condition still. Unfortunately, the flowers in the flower fields need to be cut off too. ...

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What a Week!

30 april 2018

What a great week it has been! We have seen unbelievably many happy faces! The queues could have been a little bit long sometimes, but with all our lovely employees we provided everybody with a bike. ...

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Corso Bulb region 2018!

23 april 2018

This week we got a nice event planned because it’s Corso in the region! Huge driving artwork fully made with flowers, absolutely fantastic! If you’re in the Netherlands during this period you can’t miss this. ...

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The perfect state of the flowers!

16 april 2018

This week was amazing for us, but specially for our customers! The perfect state of the flowers at the moment makes that every meter of our route is a pure pleasure.  We are so happy to see this many satisfied customers, who are enjoying all the beauty the region has to offer. ...

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Ask us!

9 april 2018

Not convinced to finish your day out at Keukenhof to get on one of our bikes? Or do you have an important question which decides if you’re coming to us or not? Feel free to ask and we will reply as fast as possible! ...

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You can easily make a reservation for our location at Keukenhof. But how does it work? We've made a short collection with the most asked question about pre-bookings who can be to your use. ...

Corso Bulb region 2018

Flower parade

The flower parade weekend always is a special weekend during the season. It is the busiest weekend, especially Saturday of the season and it is a bit different than other days.  ...

Tulips in Holland

Flower fields

We get many questions about the flowering period of the flower fields. And the answer is not that simple. First of all it depends on what you want to see: the dutch flower fields consist roughly out of three flowers: Hyacints, Daffoldils and Tulips. ...

Stock of bikes

At Rent-a-Bike Keukenhof we have a lot of bikes in stock  (over 500!). Most of them are regular unisex bicycles with gears and handbrakes. If you are a bit shorter, no problem! ...

Good things to know when visiting the flower fields

When visiting the flower field area there a a few things good to know. When visiting the flower fields please note the fields are privately owned by flower bulb growers en they grow bulbs for their living so please be respectful with their crop. "Please do not enter the flower fields."  ...