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May 14 2018

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On May 13, flower exhibition ‘Keukenhof’ will close its doors and we will have to wait another ten months for it to open again for visitors. This also includes our rental location at Keukenhof.
The end of this period offers the opportunity to look back on a beautiful and special season.
Now that the temperature is rising and we are enjoying the sun more and more, you almost forget that in March it was not always sunny and warm. The average temperature in March is 4.7 degrees versus 6.2 normal. This is the coldest March since 2013. At that time, the average was only at 2.5 degrees. It was record cold in 1917 with 1.9 degrees. The contrast with last year is great. The spring erupted at an early age, resulting in the second warmest March month with 8.6 degrees ever.
When we look at April, it has been warmer than average that month, but also with relatively much rain. Which seems to be good for the plants.
The flowering fields were a bit late this year, they were later than 'normal' and certainly later than last year. The moment the fields came out was immediately followed by very warm weather, so that everyone, after a long wait, flocked out to smell and experience the spring.

Even though spring, in terms of temperature, started a little later this year, we can look back on a successful season!

We would like to thank everyone for the positive messages, friendly talk and of course the visit to Rent a Bike van Dam at Keukenhof.
We are going to the spring of 2019! If you do not want to wait a long time to rent a bike, come and visit us at our rental location in Noordwijkerhout. Here we are ready to help you throughout the year!
Thank you and goodbye!

Team Rent-a-Bike from Dam