Flower parade

The busiest cycling weekend of the year

The flower parade weekend always is a special weekend during the season. It is the busiest weekend, especially Saturday of the season and it is a bit different than other days.

Some recommendations to see the flower parade but avoid the crowds:
1.      Take a look at the construction of the flower parade. The construction of the flower parade takes place in a hall near Sassenheim and is open for visitors.
2.      Take a look at the flower parade in Noordwijkerhout (Friday evening). The flower parade goes through Noordwijkerhout Friday evening and is less crowded than the parade on Saturday from Noordwijk to Haarlem.
3.      Take a bike to see the flower parade at a quieter spot. By bike, you can get away from the crowds and see the parade at a quieter spot.

If you want to visit Keukenhof and surroundings we recommend coming another weekend than flower parade weekend while it can be very crowded.

Flower parade 2020

Saturday, April 25                                         (from Noordwijk – Haarlem)
Friday evening, April 24                               (in Noordwijkerhout)
Tuesday, April 21 – Thursday, April 23     (construction days)

 Please note:
* It is NOT possible to pre-book bikes for flower parade Saturday. If you want to rent a bike we recommend coming before 11 AM to avoid the crowds