Tulips in Holland
Flower fields

The best time to visit the flower fields

We get many questions about the flowering period of the flower fields. And the answer is not that simple. First of all, it depends on what you want to see: the dutch flower fields consists roughly out of three flowers: Hyachints, Daffodils and of course Tulips. The flowering season begins with the blooming of the daffodils, followed by the hyacinths and then the tulips.

Regularly the blooming period is:
Daffodils: mid-March – mid-April
Hyacinth: the beginning of April – end of April
Tulips: mid-April – early May

BUT it is really important to be aware that it is a product of nature. And as mankind can do wonderfull things we (fortunately) can’t fully predict or influence nature. It means that when we have a cold winter and a cold spring all the flowers will be flowering a bit later. Vice versa when we have a mild winter and a warm spring.

When reading this you could think: “alright, it can differ a bit by the year but if I visit the flower fields around mid-April I have the best chance to see all the fields”. And that is true, but it still a gamble. And important to bear in mind is that it is also the busiest period in Keukenhof and the area around Keukenhof.

*When visiting the flower fields please note the fields are privately owned by flower bulb growers and they grow the bulbs for their living so please be respectful