Good to know

Good to know when visiting te flower fields area

1.      When visiting the flower fields please note the fields are privately owned by flower bulb growers and they grow the bulbs for their living so please be respectful with their crops.

“Please do not enter the flower fields”

You can get in front of the field and shoot beautiful pictures of the fields but just not IN the fields. So these pictures you see on Instagram with people jumping in the middle of the fields is not the way it should be.

2.      The flower fields are scattered throughout the area around Keukenhof. This is why a bike is an ideal mode of transportation.
Please note: Bikes are NOT allowed IN Keukenhof (the garden)

3.      The best (and honest) way to be in the middle of the flowers is by visiting a flower picking garden. Some farmers opened a piece of their land for visitors to pick their own bouquet of flowers.
*it mostly is well marked when there is a flower picking garden
* always check with the farmer before picking the flowers

 Some flower picking gardens in the area around Keukenhof

4.      During the flowering period of the tulips, you will find multiple small stands along the bicycle paths and roads by which you can buy tulips fresh from the field

5.      The farmers harvest the bulbs in summer. They clean them, pack them and make them ready for sale. October/November is the best time to buy flower bulbs and to plant them in your garden. If you are visiting the bulb region in spring and you want to buy flower bulbs we recommend to order directly from the farmer: Sjaak Pennings or at Flowerbulbsholland. They will be delivered around October.

6.      Most of the flower bulb farms are not open to visitors. But de Tulperij is a flower bulb farm which is open for visitors. You can watch a short film about the history of growing flower bulbs, get a coffee, learn more about flower bulbs, pre-order flower bulbs and of course see flowers.