Stock of bikes

All information about our stock of bikes

At Rent-a-Bike Keukenhof we have a lot of bikes in stock  (over 500!). Most of them are regular unisex bicycles with gears and handbrakes. If you are a bit shorter, no problem! We also have aplenty smaller bikes. We also have tandems (double bikes).

Unfortunately, we do not have E-Bikes at our rental location Keukenhof. We do have them at our main rental location in Noordwijkerhout.

Cycling with children
When you are traveling with kids and you want to take them with you on a bike trip along the flower fields you can take a kid car (a carrier behind your bike) or you can take a child seat on the bike. By which a front seat is suitable for children up to 1-2 years old and by which a rear seat is suitable for children 2-4 years old. It is recommended to book the kid car in advance while there are just a few in stock.